Flea & Tick

Summer time in Puerto Rico means longer, hotter days, along with afternoon rain showers. The heat, combined with a steady supply of rain creates a highly humid environment, which is the perfect breeding conditions for fleas and ticks. As our pets enjoy their summer activities in the sunny outdoors, these parasites can latch on to our dogs and cats, causing irritation to them and finding their way into your home where they will crawl under doors, onto walls, and possibly infest clothing and beds. How do we prevent such parasitic invasions without denying our friends the outdoor freedom they crave? The solution is an anti flea and tick program, which means taking care of your pet by constantly checking for fleas and ticks, and giving them a weekly bath with Provita Anti Flea & Tick shampoo. It is always important to be vigilant when it comes to fleas and tick prevention because these parasites reproduce very quickly and can be very dangerous to our pets as well as us.