PROVITA FOR RABBITS is a balanced blend food of fruits, sun-healed hay, vegetables, and legumes. Also enriched with Omega-3 to support the rabbit’s heart, brain and visual functions. Contains Timothy hay pellets rich in fiber with the right balance of calcium and protein.

ProVita Guinea Pig Food

PROVITA GUINEA PIG FOOD  is a balanced blend of seeds, grain, fruits, and vegetables. Enriched with omega-3 to support the heart, brain, and visual functions. ProVita also contains Timothy hay pellets,  for a good source of fiber to promote   gastrointestinal health, in your guinea pig.

ProVita Daily Blend For Hamsters y Gerbils

PROVITA DAILY BLEND FOR HAMSTER & GERBILS Is a balanced food blend of sunflower seeds, corn, and selected grains. Enriched with vitamins and minerals to provide the perfect balance of nutrients.